16. April 2021
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We have been looking forward to announcing that Vækstfonden, the Danish Government Growth Fund, after thorough due diligence, long dialogue, and loads of documents, has now chosen to offer AMOVIDO an investment of DKK 2 million – which is the maximum they can provide to a company at AMOVIDO’s stage.
The fact that Vækstfonden, without the typical business angel on the sideline, has chosen to invest as early as they do, we choose to take that acknowledgment as a huge pat on the back towards our project and even more towards our strong team.

“We at AMOVIDO are enormous grateful for the help that we have received from Vækstfonden which essentially is the danish taxpayers lending us capital to build this company, and that makes me even more eager to create better homes with more living space and less danger of moisture”
CEO & Founder Jens Møller

Many thanks to Vækstfonden, for an extremely positive process and good dialogue throughout the last 6 months. Martin Teil Nielsen Mikkel Runøe Jens Møller Henrik Haaning Thomas Stærk Lillesø
We are incredibly proud, and look forward to soon being able to present the first of our innovative elements built at the factory in Nyborg, where we are in the process of moving in.

It is with great respect and humility, that we are now experiencing lots of interest from several of the largest players in the Nordic real estate market, and of course especially from those who have now chosen AMOVIDO as a supplier of their future dream home.

Feel free to follow our journey to create the world’s best elements and houses for construction
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